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Mobile Learning Strategy: A Quick Guide with Examples

Mobile learning is perfect for gamification features — like using puzzles, point-scoring systems, and different levels to increase the user’s motivation to learn. As of 2020, more than 150,000 educational apps are available on iOS, and the gamified apps generate the most downloads. Research from TalentLMS found that when training includes gamified elements, 83 percent of users feel motivated.

Mobile Learning

Desktop and laptop computers are still popular, and instead of choosing just one device, it has become the norm to own multiple devices and use them for different activities . Because mobile learning isn’t fully remote and can be partly facilitated on campus, good connectivity is required both in class and outside of it. Training for students also is key, especially since each school year or semester, they may find themselves having to learn apps all over again. The other notable benefit of m-learning is that it affords students greater accessibility and control over learning within their everyday lives. M-learning tools can make learning more productive and offer students greater flexibility. The Mobile Learning Fund, sponsored by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, builds on ProLiteracy’s rich history of providing quality instructional materials through the National Book Fund.

Mobile learning makes learning accessible and flexible

Having the course available on the mobile makes it possible for students to keep up to date with everything that is happening (event, assignment, work, calendar…). My name is Masturah Pakbin Alizada from Afghanistan, I did my bachelor’s in sociology at Bamyan University in 2019. All short and highly contextual messages that help users learn belong to microcopy. These are error notifications, explanations, hints, and tips you can often see within a digital product. Small pieces of information are way easier to perceive and recollect than huge knowledge massives. Also, multiple repetition of learned materials helps preserve the information for longer.

Mobile Learning

One thing to take into consideration with mobile devices, e.g., tablets and smartphones, is that they have a smaller screen size. This leads us to some points that you should think about before the development process begins. But with mobile learning, the learners can brush up their knowledge, do some exercises, or watch a short video on their devices. They can also turn to this topic at the moment of need, say if they’re writing an email, and aren’t sure of the correct usage of the tense.

Corporate eLearning

Lenz determined that 80% of learning happens outside a classroom, with most of this learning occurring at home. To achieve this, many mobile tools have been created to engage and assist learners in finding new learning materials and sources. M-learning is the most convenient form of online educational platform today, simply because content can be accessed from any place on demand. Mobile learning is more complex than shrinking an existing desktop eLearning platform to fit into a smartphone screen. Think about how you and your learners use a mobile phone and then build on that to create an interactive and engaging mLearning experience. Here are a few things to consider while designing your mobile learning courses.

Mobile Learning

You can track the learner’s progress on their mobile device and sync the data to the Learning Management System when a connection is available. Dashboards and reports are available to students, instructors, and administrators anytime. M-learning or mobile learning is a form of distance education where learners use portable devices such as mobile phones to learn anywhere at anytime. The portability that mobile devices provide allow for learning anywhere, hence the word “mobile” in “mobile learning”.

Blended Learning and Online Education

Mobile learning, or M-learning, is online education and training administered via portable electronic devices — like smartphones and tablets. Mobile learning typically consists of an online educational portal where students or employees can access educational resources — such as videos, PDF worksheets, podcasts, and webinars. This chapter consists of an overview use of technology in the education sector such as computers, tablets, Screens, Mobile calculators, etc.

Mobile Learning

It is supported by portable devices, its mobility makes it easy to use. M-Learning can be designed to combine decision-making in complex learning scenarios with formative scoring and assessment. Interactive and multi-mode technology allows students to engage and manipulate information.

Top 18 New Technology Trends for 2023

For example, an online training session that needs to be attended between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, without any chances of flexi-times, isn’t, even if the learner can attend the meeting online via his mobile device. Join us to day to connect and share with others within this dynamic field. If learners aren’t overloaded with complex information, the learning process is easy and fun, the feedback is consistent, and the progress is visible, chances are high they will stay for longer with this educational product. People are more motivated to proceed with the learning process when they see their progress and get consistent feedback and advice on improving the results. In your LMS, you can realize giving the feedback through in-app messaging, quizzes, or individual progress reviews. For sure, a fair half of this time is not devoted to education but rather virtual socialization and entertainment.

  • Before the Chinese government committed to affording rural areas sufficient Internet access and devices to narrow the education gap, students in these communities were taught every subject by a single teacher .
  • MLearning became popular since L&D professionals understood that they must adopt and execute a plan for a learner-centric approach to learning by offering learners freedom and accessibility.
  • It is supported by portable devices, its mobility makes it easy to use.
  • M-learning in the context of work can embrace a variety of different forms of learning.
  • It encourages them to keep in touch with another so they can share ideas while also increasing the possibility of different online learning communities.

This increases the completion rate of these courses because learners do not need to spend as much time there each day. Gamification elements such as rewards, points, and level progression can be added to micro-learning sessions to further motivate employees to succeed and complete their training. Mobile Learning, often shortened as M-learning, is the concept of gaining education on various available contexts by the usage of social media interactions and online content from using portable electronic media.

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Many m learning platforms also allow for instant feedback and support, making it easier and faster for students to receive feedback on their work, raise issues and get answers. This helps boost learner motivation, confidence and understanding of the content. With the right course design, m learning can also make the learning experience more interesting, dynamic and fun. The mobile learning format opens up new opportunities for gamified elements in your course content, like quick quizzes, competitions and more.

Mobile Learning Market Updated Insights: Trends, Drivers, and … – Cottonwood Holladay Journal

Mobile Learning Market Updated Insights: Trends, Drivers, and ….

Posted: Mon, 15 May 2023 11:33:30 GMT [source]

With such data in your hands, you can see who has completed a lesson or assessment, the total time taken, and the final scores. Responsive mLearning content with the support of scalable HTML5, mobile themes, play bar, and a pause-and-resume feature. FirstFleet chose ProProfs LMS and using the tool, it could develop training, assign it to drivers, and track progress and completion.

Learning Experience Design

A mobile application is there to ensure a smooth learning experience for end users. They download it to their devices from app stores, install it, and use it to study the assigned educational mobile application development materials. Maintaining a competitive edge requires frequent training since technology is changing rapidly and new products, services, and approaches appear every day.

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