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Whenever VBS was experience a finances crisis, the guy basic paid off the level of R18 mil toward VBS

Whenever VBS was experience a finances crisis, the guy basic paid off the level of R18 mil toward VBS

‘ Madzonga, inside the affidavit, states which he performed nothing wrong. He states, he had been from the Vele, that is unlike VBS. His run says something else. The latest percentage isn’t rationally said. As to the reasons pay an amount of R3 million of your own difficult-acquired cash in an entity you really have zero reference to? Which taken place during the products in the event that panel out-of VBS failed to seek help from Vele. The fresh new panel of the latter as well as failed to manage to assist VBS. None was in fact elder professionals out-of Vele required assistance.

Why go to the troubles regarding raising that loan away from R15 million so that you can save yourself an organization which had been for the a financial crisis?

The inevitable end is the fact that progress off R18 mil in order to VBS try an attempt to the Madzonga’s part to fund his tracks. Unfortuitously, the damage was over already. R18 billion try insufficient to settle the bucks crisis in the VBS. This is why he afterwards published a message so you can VBS in order to recover the latest R15 billion presumably paid back towards the VBS by mistake.’

By training VBS in order to borrowing from the bank R15 mil to your his thread membership, Mr Madzonga found so you can fraudulently cure his financial obligation so you’re able to VBS of the appropriating money designed for Vele in order to himself.

Far from assisting VBS with its liquidity drama, Mr Madzonga’s steps had been intended to conceal the brand new exchangeability crisis from the VBS considering this new fake strategy. It’s far-fetched that Mr Mukhodobwane could have needed his advice to help you bail-out VBS regarding growing exchangeability crisis and you will confided during the him when the he was maybe not an excellent co-perpetrator from the fake strategy. Madzonga was brand new Ceo out of Vele and you can a director away from Ensure, which had been this new subsidiary from Vele. Vele are the top shareholder into the Guarantee and VBS. It is incomprehensible why Mr Madzonga should shell out their currency with the new VBS account in lieu of mobile the cash on the Vele account with the VBS account at FNB.

Vele got more than R63 billion in one of the bank levels

Mr Mukhodobwane states that Mr Matodzi taught him to help you deposit to the the loan bond membership of Madzonga inside the some R4.5 million, using make believe funds from Vele. Which number was paid down to Mr Madzonga with the . In the reacting affidavit, Mr Madzonga says which he did not understand the roots away from it currency. According to him you to-

‘… allegedly, so it quantity of R4.5 million relates to the latest remuneration I found myself assured from the Matodzi, and you may that i was triggered faith is actually paid in my opinion, up on my venture from captain performing officer to ceo of the Vele Class into the .’

‘ After he received brand new R4.5 million regarding Vele, the guy paid down so it money since the a deposit with the purchase price regarding R9.4 million linked [to] property known as Remain Zero. 42, Blue Hills Nation Home Nation House in the Johannesburg. Which lead to VBS just lending your and you will mortgaging the home on value of R4.9 mil.

Objective facts, but not, reveals that Madzonga’s reason of the R4.5 billion is a lie. The newest agreement registered into toward purchase of the latest Blue Mountains assets doesn’t require in initial deposit. Actually, with regards to the contract, the principal personal debt continues to be shown due to the fact level of R9.4 million. On , VBS treated two emails to help you him which might be informing. The two emails number their mortgage just like the level of R9.cuatro mil hence the newest monthly costs, for a time period of 60 days, ‘s the quantity of R214 100000. Although not, except that few month-to-month money on the quantity of R213 000, it doesn’t arrive you to Madzonga continuously serviced the administrative centre advanced so you can your of the VBS. Anyhow, extremely common produce that transfer of the property to the his name are effected for the ount out of R4.5 million you should never thus end up being a deposit to your a property already transported.

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